Reinvesting In Renovations

Is your tax return refund making its way through the system yet?

Make a strong choice this year, and reinvest your tax refund into your home. Why invest your refund into your home rather than a vacation to a sunny tropical beach? Your home is likely your largest asset – it pays to take of it, literally. Spending some time and money on your home improvements can increase your comfort and enjoyment, not to mention add to your home’s value.

For instance, did your heating bills sky rocket this past winter season? It’s likely time to upgrade your fireplace. Older masonry fireplaces often have efficiency ratings as low as 0-20% and consume copious amounts of room air and fuel with little heat output – most lost through the chimney. Read more about our High Efficiency Inserts here.

Or perhaps it’s just time for a fresh look, refinishing your fireplace can drastically change this critical focal point. With our wide variety of refinishing products, your fireplace doesn’t need to stick out amongst a room you’ve recently redecorated. Contact us today, we are offering a free in-home estimate for a limited time.
By Rob Lindemann

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