The Benefits Of a Waterproofed Chimney

Many homeowners often forget how harmful water penetration can be to a chimney’s masonry work. In fact, except for stone, much of the materials the chimney is constructed of will experience accelerated deterioration with constant exposure to water. This prolonged contact not only leads to problems within the flue but can also extend to other areas of the home. It is important for homeowners to take a proactive approach to preventing water damage.

Water penetration can lead to many problems within the chimney including:

  • Stained exterior surfaces
  • Deteriorated or decayed exterior chimney mortar
  • Tilted chimney structure
  • Damaged firebox assembly (both mortar and metal types)
  • Rusted damper accessories
  • Water staining on the interior walls
  • Weakened or cracked flue system
  • Unpleasant odors permeating from the area
  • Not only are the damages listed above costly to repair, they also pose a serious health risk to the home’s inhabitants. The best way to protect your home against water damage within the chimney’s flue is by taking preventative steps to protect it. Below are some options to consider.

Waterproof the Chimney – Masonry can be very porous allowing water to penetrate into the surface. As bricks continue to soak-in more and more water they eventually become waterlogged as they wick moisture into the interior of the home. To keep the moisture away, a waterproofing solution can be applied to most masonry chimneys. There are several products on the market today specifically designed to treat exterior masonry chimneys such as ChimneySaver Waterproofing.

Installing a Chimney Cap – Chimney flues can allow large amounts of rain and snow to penetrate the home’s interior. Top the flue with an inexpensive chimney cap to prevent water from entering. Not only will the cap protect against water damage but also keep animals, birds, and leaves from causing blockages within the flue.

Be Proactive on Repairs – To prevent major leaks from occurring, it is important to stop smaller ones as soon as they are detected. An annual chimney inspection can help to uncover them. Some typical problems to watch for are: deteriorating mortar joints, a damaged chimney crown, and flashing in need of repair or replacement.

Not sure on how protected your chimney is from water damage? Call Lindemann Chimney Service today to schedule your chimney inspection. Our certified technicians are trained to look for common repair issues such as cracked mortar, damaged flashing and more. We can also further protect your chimney by installing a new chimney cap or applying a waterproofing treatment to the area.

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5 Ways To A More Efficient Fire

When using the fireplace, homeowners want it to burn as efficiently as possible while also keeping the heat and electricity bills in between fires. While a fire can never be as flameseffective at heating the home as a standard furnace, there are ways for you to utilize the fireplace to its highest capacity.
Here are five ways you can make a more efficient fire:flames-01-300x255

1. Building your fires right can help you enjoy a roaring fire for hours. Stacking wood in layers, also known as the log cabin method, is one of the best ways to arrange the wood for the best burn.

2. Using dry, seasoned hardwood can create a fire that not only burns cleaner but also produces a more efficient fire— keeping the space warmer.

3. Add a fireback to the back of your fireplace. Although this sheet of metal’s main purpose is to protect the firebox, it also helps reflect the heat back into the room.

4. Consider installing a fireplace insert for a considerably more efficient fire. They fit right into an existing masonry fireplace and greatly reduce the amount of heat lost through the flue.

5. It is important to also think of ways to make your unit more efficient when not in use. A tight-fitting damper can be installed to close the chimney top when you are not using the fireplace. This prevents heated or cooled air from escaping outside.

At Lindemann Chimney Service, we want you to get the most out of your fireplace. To keep our customer’s units running at peak efficiency, we offer quality chimney cleaning and inspections. For those looking to upgrade, we also install and service fireplace inserts. Next time one of our technicians are onsite, ask them how you can make your fireplace as efficient as possible.

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Put Your Tax Returns To Good Use: 3 Ways Your Sweep Can Help

Tax season is in full swing and millions of Americans are filing early to get their returns back before spring comes. One of the best uses of the money is through reinvesting back into one of your greatest assets, your home, and a trusted sweep professional can help. Consider using this extra cash to add some warming upgrades to your space both inside and out. Not only do you benefit from a new relaxing fire but fireplace renovations can also increase the value of your property. New Fireplace

Here are three ways your sweep can help put your tax dollars to good use:ledgestone_trim-251x300

Gas Fireplace Conversion – Tired of storing and hauling firewood? If you find yourself dreading the task of starting a wood burning fire you may want to consider converting it to a gas unit. This renovation can be completed in as little as one day by a certified professional and today’s gas units offer a realistic flame similar to their wood-burning counterpart.

Converting an Unused Fireplace – Whether you prefer not to use your fireplace or it is in disrepair, many unused fireplaces can become useful once again by adding a warming wood stove that fits into the space. Both a free-standing stove and a fireplace insert could be connected to the flue making the space operational once again.

Create an Outdoor Oasis – Adding living space to the outside of the home can often be just as valuable as what you do inside. A big trend right now is combining an outdoor kitchen with a gas or wood burning fireplace creating a “room” right outside your back door.

Whether you are receiving a small or large refund, Lindemann Chimney Service has a solution to fit every budget. We have experience in gas fireplace conversions, wood stove installations and outdoor renovation projects. Let us help you find the perfect renovation for your home.

Real Estate Season and Chimney Inspections

The Chimney Safety Institute of America had a great blog post regarding chimney inspections when buying and selling a new home.