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Expanding Vendor Network

At Kingsborough, we’ve worked hard to do business with the best vendors in the industry so that we can provide our customers with the highest quality products available.  That’s why we’re happy to announce two renown affiliates that we have added to our network.  Hargrove has some of the most beautiful and realistic gas logs […]

Valor Fireplace Lifestyle Blog

Over the course of the past few years or gas fireplace partner Valor has collaborated on several videos with the Canadian based TV program “Marc + Mandy”.  See some of their interesting posts at the link below. Marc + Mandy Video Series

Annual Chimney Inspections

Storks nesting in chimneys were once believed to bring good luck, according to European folklore. But, in fact, nests in chimneys – or blockages of any kind – are nothing short of bad news. They can cause smoking problems, chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. In 2005, there were 24,500 residential fires in the United […]

Want to avoid a chimney scam? Attorney General says to try a nationally recognized group such as CSIA

Thanks to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General for the great consumer tips on avoiding all aspects of winter scams. Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane’s tips are actually applicable to all homeowners in the U.S., so we’ll repeat them here: Beware of free or low-cost chimney cleaning services; beware of high-pressure claims for making immediate […]

How Chimney Dampers Keep Your Home Warm

A chimney damper is a simple, inexpensive way to keep the warmth in your home while reducing energy costs. This damper allows the chimney to be closed when not in use preventing heated or cooled air from exiting out the chimney flue. It also serves the important function of capping the chimney stopping animals, birds, […]

Reinvesting In Renovations

Is your tax return refund making its way through the system yet? Make a strong choice this year, and reinvest your tax refund into your home. Why invest your refund into your home rather than a vacation to a sunny tropical beach? Your home is likely your largest asset – it pays to take of […]

Chimney Caps For Every Architural Style

We understand the variety of architectural home and chimney styles here in Northern Chicago and we have the perfect chimney cap for you! Whether you want a basic, galvanized single-flue cap or a multi-flue top of the line copper cap we will match your style! If your chimney has one flue, a single-flue cap is […]

The Benefits Of a Waterproofed Chimney

Many homeowners often forget how harmful water penetration can be to a chimney’s masonry work. In fact, except for stone, much of the materials the chimney is constructed of will experience accelerated deterioration with constant exposure to water. This prolonged contact not only leads to problems within the flue but can also extend to other […]

5 Ways To A More Efficient Fire

When using the fireplace, homeowners want it to burn as efficiently as possible while also keeping the heat and electricity bills in between fires. While a fire can never be as flameseffective at heating the home as a standard furnace, there are ways for you to utilize the fireplace to its highest capacity. Here are […]